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McCain Forgets About Afghanistan…

…thinks that Iraq was the, “first major conflict since 9/11.”

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John McCain Meets The Video Professor

They Video Professor wants to know why John McCain simply refuses to “try my product.”

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Mark Sanford: McCain = Bush = McBush

South Carolina Governor Republican Mark Sanford can’t give one difference between Bush and McCain on the Economy. Listen to the sound of Governor Sanfords Veep stock.

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John McCain Loves Phil Gramm

Phil Gramm speaks for McCain Phil Gramm does not speak for McCain

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McCain Campaign: America a ‘Nation of Whiners’ in a ‘Mental Recession’

The patriotic John McCain campaign called the American people, “a nation of whiners.” He also insulted Americans by equating them to have “mental depression.” From the Huffington Post: In an interview with the Washington Times, McCain’s top economic adviser Phil … Continue reading

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McCain On Birth Control: ‘I’ll try to get back to you.’

John McCain was asked about a vote in which he voted “No” on which would require insurance companies which pay for Viagra, to also require coverage for birth control contraceptive. Here is the exchange: Q: Earlier this week Carly Fiorina … Continue reading

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Fox News Photoshop Hit Job

Fox, the Republican cable “news” network did a hit piece segment last week by photoshoping two New York Times reporters. Here are they images that Fox aired: Vanity Fair decided to have some fun and do some of their own … Continue reading

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