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Sara Palin Pals Around With Convicted Felon

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Obama Called The N Word At Sarah Palin Rally

Unbelievable: It is obvious that Palin heard the remark as she stumbles over her speech after hearing it. Yet she does not denounce it.

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McCain Agrees That PA Voters Are Racist

Some straight talk or losing his barrings?

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Debate #3

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MCSAASS: McCain Campaign Stunt Alert Advisory Security System

M.C.S.A.A.S.: The McCain Campaign Stunt Alert Advisory Security System

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McCain’s Racist Pastor of Hate

In case you missed it over the weekend, a minister who gave the invocation at a McCain rally in Iowa couched his prayer in terms I’ve never heard before: God’s own reputation is at stake in this election, he said, … Continue reading

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The Republican Hate Continues

Days after McCain called Obama an “descent family man.”

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