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Joe the Skinhead

Talking Points Memo: When he was just the topic du jour because of his question to Barack Obama back in the neighborhood in Ohio, that was one thing. But “Joe the Plumber” is now actively campaigning with and for John … Continue reading

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Fox News: Unanimous Obama Vote = "Split" for McCain :laughs:

Fox “News” conducts a poll in a diner in PA, the vote was unanimous for Obama, but the Fox goon calls it a “split decision” which invokes laughs. Update: Notice how the Fox goon was the only person to vote … Continue reading

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Fox News Photoshop Hit Job

Fox, the Republican cable “news” network did a hit piece segment last week by photoshoping two New York Times reporters. Here are they images that Fox aired: Vanity Fair decided to have some fun and do some of their own … Continue reading

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Fox News Attacks Michelle Obama

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The O’Reilly Factor in One Minute


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Fox "News" on "Angry Black Women"

Source: MSNBC via Huffington Post

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"Terrorists Fist Jab(s)" on The View

The View: Fox News: The “apology:”

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Fox "News" Attacks Michelle Obama

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Republican Fox News Hypocrisy

The Republican Fox News network runs a hit piece to expose the “liberal media” on ex-journalist Carole Simpson who recently privately endorsed Hillary Clinton. The hypocrisy lies in that journalist that the hit piece is about is no longer a … Continue reading

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